About World Soundtrack Awards

World Soundtrack Awards 2007

The World Soundtrack Award honours a soundtrack or even a lifework.

The statuette is based on a sinewave. This is a sound wave as it is represented on a computer screen. We cut down the sinewave to one single stylised undulation. By then looping a sequence of 5 such undulations (the horizontal lines of a stave) we created a crown.

A soundtrack fills the space of a theatre and is not subject to gravity : it floats in the air. That is why the sinewave is captured in an abstract and transparent space. The dark base is a reference to bakelite; the old much-preferred material for the widespread transistor radio.

The World Soundtrack Awards shall be distributed annually to mark and celebrate outstanding achievements in scoring music for motion pictures, and to honor other achievements as provided for in the rules and approved by the advisory board of the organizing body, the World Soundtrack Academy. The awards shall be presented at an annual ceremony. Awards in the form of trophies shall be given annually for the following achievements:

Special awards